Robbie. A name that echoes resilience, determination, and indomitable spirit. The man who managed to stare adversity in the eye and turn it into his greatest asset.

From living through a near-death experience at the age of seven to surviving the streets, Robbie Cornelius has experienced the hardships of life firsthand.

Yet, he never let the brutal realities of his world define him. He instead chose to weave a cloak of resilience around him, harnessing his strength and tenacity to create an online empire that gave hope to millions.


From Darkness to Light

Born into poverty, Robbie saw the horrors of life early on. He was not sheltered by the protective walls of a comfortable home or blessed with the luxury of safety and security. His world was a battlefield where the enemy was not an external force but the very circumstances of his existence. His abusive father, the near-death experience at the tender age of seven, the fear that never left him – it was a brutal reality that he lived through every day of his life.

Still, he endured. He made the conscious choice to refuse to be a victim and decided to reshape his reality. And thus, Robbie Cornelius began his transformative journey – a journey of introspection, self-awareness, and immense self-growth.


The Awakening – The First Steps Towards Transformation

Robbie's life took a pivotal turn when he watched "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. The revelation was profound. His life was not a product of his circumstances but rather his mindset.

The power to change his reality was within him. He realized he had spent his life playing the victim, pointing fingers at everyone but himself. It was a brutal truth, but Robbie welcomed it with open arms. He decided to change the quality of his life by changing his mindset, refusing to blame others for his predicament.

He began a journey of introspection and self-dialogue that reshaped his perceptions. He took up meditation, immersed himself in self-help books, and delved into the world of positive thinking. He was no longer a consumer but a practitioner, internalizing every insight and using it as a stepping stone towards personal growth.


The Turning Point – Overcoming Addictions and Breaking Chains

Robbie's transformation was not limited to his mindset alone. He decided to change his habits, routines, and associations too. His resolve was like a fortress, impervious to the temptations that often derail such journeys. In one decisive day, he quit smoking, partying, chasing women, and severed ties with his friends who held him back. It was a complete lifestyle overhaul.


The Journey to Financial Freedom – Robbie’s Entrepreneurial Venture

In his quest for financial freedom, Robbie stumbled upon an opportunity that would forever alter his life's trajectory. After a series of disappointments and scams, Robbie discovered the world of online entrepreneurship, particularly on Amazon. He began buying books from garage sales and reselling them online for a profit. It was a simple strategy, but it proved to be highly effective.


Conquering the Digital Frontier

His online venture was a massive success. From selling second-hand books to building three successful online companies, Robbie’s journey is nothing short of miraculous. Today, his companies have a significant impact on the digital realm, influencing the lives of countless people worldwide.


Robbie’s Message to the World

Robbie Cornelius is not just a successful entrepreneur. He's an embodiment of resilience, a beacon of hope, and an inspiration for millions. Through his extraordinary journey, he urges everyone to break free from the shackles of their past and embrace the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

"Manifestation doesn't come from just attracting something. You have to BECOME something different," Robbie says. He encourages people to shed their victim uniforms, take responsibility for their lives, and embody the change they wish to see in their lives.


The Online Empire 

For Robbie Cornelius, the world of digital entrepreneurship is more than just a career—it's a calling. With over two decades of experience in the digital industry, he has honed his skills, passions, and visions into a series of successful online ventures.

One of his crowning achievements is Southern Web Service, a web design agency known for its outstanding services that help businesses make their presence felt online.

Robbie's portfolio doesn't end there. He is also the proud owner of, a thriving business recognized as one of the top 25 GoDaddy domain reselling companies globally.

This venture reflects his grasp of the online domain market, once again showcasing his knack for spotting opportunities and transforming them into profitable businesses.

But Robbie's work goes beyond owning and managing successful companies. He is also the founder of WebAsset Group, an online community for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the digital world.

The group is built around a philosophy Robbie firmly believes in—self-mastery. His vision is to help entrepreneurs understand their potential, navigate the challenges of online entrepreneurship, and ultimately, succeed.

Robbie's journey is driven by a relentless passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to excellence. His primary goal isn't just personal success; he also thrives on enabling others to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Whether you're just starting your journey or looking for ways to scale your online business, Robbie is more than ready to share his expertise and guidance.

Connecting with like-minded professionals, driving results, and creating value in the digital age—this is Robbie Cornelius's mission.

He invites you to join him, explore the potential of digital entrepreneurship, and together, shape the future of the online business world.

So here's to a future filled with possibilities—guided by passion, driven by innovation, and defined by success. This is the world of Robbie Cornelius.

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