Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money online, and one of the best platforms to do it is through YouTube.


If you are interested in learning how to make money through affiliate marketing on YouTube, then you might want to check out the "YT Influencer" course.



The course contains 29 videos that cover everything you need to know about affiliate marketing on YouTube.


The videos are divided into three sections: preparing, taking action, and case studies.


The preparing section covers the basics of creating a YouTube channel, promoting affiliate products, and using different types of videos.


The taking action section shows you how to set up your YouTube channel, how to verify it, and how to rank without owning your own product.


The case studies section provides real-life examples of successful affiliate marketing campaigns.


The course creator has over 10 years of experience in YouTube marketing, and he has had thousands of YouTube channels over the years.


He has earned six figures per year from affiliate marketing on YouTube and has even won contests by promoting products he doesn't own.


He also runs a YouTube SEO ranking agency and has hundreds of clients all over the world.


YT Influencer Price

The course is priced at $12.95 during the first five days, and after March 3rd, the price goes up to $47.

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There are also upsells available, including a VIP Facebook group, a case study, launch jacking training, expert ranker training, and advanced ranking training.


One of the highlights of the course is the launch jacking strategy, which involves taking advantage of new product launches to get ahead of competitors and earn higher commissions.



The advanced ranking training is also valuable, but it involves using services to grow and rank YouTube channels quickly, which can be risky.


Overall, the YT Influencer course is a great resource for anyone interested in making money through affiliate marketing on YouTube.


The course creator has extensive experience in YouTube marketing and has earned a significant income from it. If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing on YouTube, then YT Influencer might be worth checking out.


What You Will Learn How To:

  • Set up a new YouTube channel,
  • Find affiliate networks and products
  • Create videos for maximum conversions
  • Use AI-generated videos for affiliate marketing
  • Create videos for both physical and digital products
  • Cloak your affiliate links
  • Properly optimize your channel and videos for the best rankings.
  • Create attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails
  • Get free products
  • Rank at the top of YouTube for products you don't own and how to promote products you don't own.


Finally, the course includes multiple case studies to give you practical examples of how to apply these strategies.





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